BHZP Alveslohe AI centre

Boar lines: db.77®

You can place your order round-the-clock by telephone (answering machine if nobody is available to take your call) or fax. Our standard packaging unit is two tubes per sow, but one or three tubes may be purchased on request.

Alveslohe fax form for semen orders

Order and delivery times:

Order by

9:00 on day of delivery

Delivery days

Monday to Saturday,
except Thursday


Tel: ++ 49 41 93 75 58 80
Fax: ++ 49 41 93 75 58 81

The centre:
BHZP’s Alveslohe AI centre has been in operation since autumn 2002 and can accommodate around 80 boars. It provides a reliable and punctual daily courier service to BHZP customers throughout Schleswig-Holstein (except Thursdays and Sundays).

Segeberg district, Schleswig-Holstein
Kadener Allee 3a
D 25486 Alveslohe