db.planner in English Language

How to install the program: 

Download the following components and install them at your computer

After downloading click at one of it to install both.

Download and store the english Language table for db.planner into follwing Folder: C:\BHZP\dbplaner\ZDaten

Start db.Planer on your desktop. Goto "Einstellen" --> "Auswahl Sprachtabelle". In the next window double click on "DBMSG_GB".

Download "Empty farm" and import into db.planner

To import "Empty Farm" into db.planner, start db.Planer Button on your desktop. Then open Menu "Data Transfer" and then "Farm data import". Click with right mouse into the field "Restore from drive/folder and then "Window of choice". There you can search for the folder, where you had downloaded the "Empty Farm".

In the "Empty Farm" there are no sows but Codes, etc. are existing. Here you can input your own data of sows from your farm. You can work with db.planner for free about 90 days. But don't worry, data will be available after 90 days are gone. db.Planer will give a message to you 21 days before ending 90 days period.

To work further on with db.planner, you need a license. Send a Mail to me to buy the program or if you have any other questions: appel(at)